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Are you a DMS educator interested in improving your student pass rate on the SPI exam?

The Ultrasonic Physics Review can help you to ensure that all of your DMS students pass the SPI exam on the first try!

Help your students be more attractive to potential employers by having them pass the SPI exam prior to finishing their degree.

Benefits of The Ultrasonic Physics Review:
Individuals students that enroll and aren’t part of this special program only have the course for 45 days… but your students get access to the course for a full 90 days!
Video Based and Interactive
The online course is video based and interactive, which is highly effective in keeping the student engaged, focused, and enhancing retention of material.
Available to Students 24/7
There is no need to schedule an onsite review course. Students often prefer a different approach to review the material previously learned in the classroom on their own schedule.
Unlimited Review
The material can be viewed over and over by the student until she or he fully comprehends all of the material.
Two Full Length Mock Exams
In addition to chapter quizzes, there a two full length mock examinations that are very similar in format to the ARDMS SPI exam. This gives the student the opportunity to answer more that 600 questions.
PASS Guarantee
We offer a PASS guarantee. If the student does not pass the SPI exam on the first try, he or she can repeat the course at no additional charge. They simply need to email the ARDMS fail notice and we will renew the course for another six weeks.
You Can Monitor Your Students
We can allow your DMS Program Director or Director of Education access as a sub administrator. In this way you will be able to monitor how often the student logs onto the course, how much time the student spends on the site, see how well the student scores on the chapter quizzes and the mock examinations (both first try and repeats). You can track each student’s progress. Some of the schools that we partner with have specific time and score requirements.
One Day Course Demo Pass
We offer a one day course access pass so your DMS Program Director or Director of Education may take a closer look at the course.
We'll Handle the Student Enrollment
Simply provide the names and email addresses for the students that you wish to enroll, and let us know when you want the students to begin The Ultrasonic Physics Review. We will send each of the students notification of their enrollment in the course and a password which will allow them to login.

Our regular course price is $295, but schools who partner with The Ultrasonic Physics Review are billed on a sliding scale basis.  The price for schools who enroll 100 students or more is $99.00 per student.

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