How long is the Ultrasonic Physics Review?
The review will take approximately 12 hours to complete.

How long do I have to access the course?
You have 6 weeks from the first time you log in to access the review.

How much time should I allow myself to prepare for the registry exam?
In general, when using the on-line Ultrasonic Physics Review, 6 weeks is ample time to prepare for your registry exam.

Can I see what is on the review before I purchase it?
Yes, the demonstration video shows you the content outline and examples of the material included in this review. Click here to learn more about the course

How many questions are on the review?
In total, the Ultrasonic Physics Review contains over 650 questions. At the end of each chapter, there are practice questions covering the material within that chapter with easy to understand explanations that clarify the answers. Additionally, there are two full-length timed mock examinations in registry format. Their automatic scoring feature allows you to view and analyze your performance.

When and how often can I log in?
The review is available to you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Can I share the review with another person?
No, the review is for one individual user only. The Learning Management System tracks your log in and log out time, your on-line progress, and the answers to your exam questions.

What if more than one person accesses the review from my account?
If we detect more than one user on an account we reserve the right to suspend use of that account at anytime.

What if I donʼt pass the exam? Is there a guarantee?
Although all the material you need to pass your exam is included in the review, no one can actually guarantee that you will pass, but if you fail, you can retake the review for free by emailing us your failure notice.

Can I get a refund after I purchase it?
If you have been on the site for less than 15 minutes, and do not wish to continue, log off and email us, and we will consider your request.

Do you give CME credits for taking this review?
CME credits are not available at this time.

What are the instructor’s qualifications?
See about us Click here for more info

Can I take your course on my tablet or phone?
Yes, the Ultrasonic Physics Review can be viewed on mobile devices, such as smartphones, ipads, or tablets. However, the content may be difficult to see on a small smartphones

What are the system requirements I will need to use this review?
We recommend using a recent web browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Cookies and popups should be enabled. Also, because the majority of our content is video based, you will need internet/WiFi download speed of at least 10 Megabytes per second or faster, otherwise you will experience long delays and pauses as you download. You can check your speed at speedtest.net

When can I start?
How about right now? Click here to register



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