time management

Basics of Time Management

Anyone who is successful in school or business will tell you that time management is important. Whether it’s getting multiple things checked off your “To Do” list or making sure you are prepared to strike when opportunity presents itself, time … Continue reading
Sonography education programs

Sonography Education Programs

For aspiring sonographers, it may be hard to sift through the world of sonography education programs. There are a few different types of programs students can consider. All of which help you prepare for the sonography certification exams. While these … Continue reading
Ultrasound in Nature

Ultrasound in Nature

You’ve chosen ultrasound to be your profession and if you’ve come this far you probably already know that sonographic imaging is a great field to be in. It’s a well-paying and in demand job that is one of the fastest … Continue reading
Veterinary Sonography

Veterinary Sonography

Veterinary sonography and medical sonography aren’t all that different. The same technology is used for imaging to locate and identify irregularities inside the body of patients. Both require certifications before a person can legally practice as an ultrasound technician in … Continue reading
Ultrasound Careers

Ultrasound Careers

  When people hear the word ultrasound, almost always, they assume that it’s referring to an exam that has to do with pregnancy. However, ultrasound technology has a wide range uses across the medical field. There are several other areas … Continue reading

Dear Debbie

Dear Debbie, I am currently in school studying to be a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. The thing that I’m having the hardest time with is knowing when the image is as good as it will get. I mean every patient is so different. I just don’t know if I could be doing something more to get a better image, or if it’s just the best image possible considering the patient’s anatomy. Any words of advice? Continue reading
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