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The medical field has some of the fastest growing professions in the United States. Diagnostic medical sonography is one of the top growing areas and commands one of the higher average pay scales. It makes it a great profession to be going into right now. If you are looking for a specific field to be headed into, there are number of different work environments for medical sonographers. Let’s take a look at some of the places you may find yourself working once you pass you SPI Exam, and are on your way to a new career in the medical field.

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
In May of 2016, 39,130 medical sonographers were employed at general medical and surgical hospitals in the USA. These facilities account for the largest number of medical sonographer jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). General medical and surgical hospitals have the most opportunities because they deal with such a wide range of patients and procedures.

Physician’s Offices
According to the BLS, Physicians’ Offices have the 2nd highest number of job opportunities for medical sonographers. This is another area where there’s a lot of general diagnostic imaging, since physicians usually see patients for a wide range of conditions. Also included in this category is obstetrics, which uses ultrasound to check the health of a woman’s pregnancy.

Outpatient Care Centers
Outpatient care centers are where patients can come and have imaging services performed. Usually this comes with a referral from the patient’s physician. Imaging services include: breast imaging (mammograms 2D & 3D), obstetric imaging, and even echocardiograms to see the heart.

These are just some of the possible places you could find a career in medical imaging. There are many more options, of course. Check out our other blog posts at as a resource to learn more about the field of medical imaging.

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