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Dear Debbie, My job says I have to pass the ARDMS examinations in the next year or ELSE! It is soooo hard to make myself sit down and review for the SPI and Abdomen exams. I have the best intentions every day, but somehow I never do it. Guess my self discipline is not so great. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get started? I really need to pass these exams.

– Help Me



Dear Help Me,
You are certainly not alone in putting off reviewing for the ARDMS examinations. Many people have the same problem. Since passing the examinations is critical to your continued employment, I think that taking a review course would be your best bet. There’s no better way to “jump start” you into action. Sounds like sitting down with a just a book or mock examination questions is going to be overwhelming to you. If getting away from work to travel to a review is difficult, you might want to check out a review that is online. That way you could review whenever you have time, and you would have the benefit of personalized instruction to help motivate you.

putting off studying for the ARDMS examinations is very common


Dear Debbie,

I took the SPI exam already but did not pass it. I was only 10 points below passing and I was so disappointed that I didn’t want to even look at my physics textbook again. Instead, I focused my efforts on the Abdomen exam and have passed it. Yeah!!! Now I just have to pass that darned physics to be a registered sonographer. I think that maybe I need a different way to study for the physics. I got a review book and a CD full of mock exam questions, but the information just isn’t sticking. Do you have any suggestions?

– Mizra in Michigan

Dear Mizra,

Just memorizing the answers to mock examination questions is not going to help you if you don’t understand the principles and concepts behind the physics of sound. If you’re having problems concentrating on material from a textbook, a physics review course may be of help. A review will help keep you focused and concentrated in your study, and will serve to condense the information (which can be a bit overwhelming) into what you really need to know to pass the exam. If your schedule doesn’t permit you to attend a live review course, try one that is online.

Don’t give up. Success is just one more step away!



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