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Dear Debbie,

I have been working as a sonographer for many years now, and have failed the SPI exam repeatedly. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many times. I am so frustrated and depressed because I keep wasting money and time studying. I was always a poor test taker, and failing it over and over is just making me more anxious. What should I do?

– Frustrated and Anxious

Dear Frustrated,

I understand your frustration. Sounds like you need a different preparation approach. The Ultrasonic Physics Review is designed to work for sonographers who are visual learners. Because of the nature of our work, most sonographers learn better when the material is something that they can see. This is a video based course that helps you to see those difficult to visualize physics principles and concepts. This type of visual presentation works better for visual learners than a powerpoint with audio tract, or a live presentation. Many students and sonographers, who have failed the SPI exam as many as five times, have passed after taking The Ultrasonic Physics Review course. The chapter questions and end of the course mock examinations will help to boost your confidence level, so that when you take the SPI exam again, you will feel less anxious and fully prepared to pass it.

Debbie gives advice to someone who has failed the SPI exam



Dear Debbie,

I have just graduated from my ultrasound program, and have already been offered a job. The problem is that it is only part time and the pay is less than I would like. Should I take the job or wait for something better?

– Cheryl in Tennessee


Dear Cheryl,

Your first job as a sonographer may not be your ideal job. All health care professionals usually have to “pay their dues” in that first year of employment. My advice to you is to accept the position, even if it is part time and the salary is less than you would like. During this time, you should sit for you ARDMS examinations if you have not already. Earning that credential will open up other employment doors for you that might otherwise be closed. Since the position is part time, you will have lots of time to review for the ARDMS examination. After you have worked in this position for a minimum of six months, you might look for another position that is more to your liking. The advantage is that you will be applying for your next job as an employed sonographer, not as an unemployed new graduate. The first job is always the hardest to get!





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