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What makes a great ultrasound technologist?  What are the most important ultrasound tech skills? Everybody knows that you have to go to class, learn the skills to scan the human body and learn to use the equipment. But, what really sets a great ultrasound tech apart from a good one? It’s clear that there’s a need for medical imaging, as it’s a practice that helps lower the cost of healthcare without diminishing the level of care provided. This makes medical imaging an important aspect of the changing medical landscape. But, what are the traits and skills that will make you a great medical imaging professional?

Care About Your Patients – This is a trait that you will see across all industries…people who care about who they are serving will provide the best product and services. In the case of an ultrasound tech, caring about your patients will help you strive to be your best every single day. Ultimately, your patients are whom you are serving. The information you gather using your patient care expertise will help improve patients’ lives. The more you respect, provide great care, and become an advocate for your patients, the better ultrasound tech you will be.

Embrace the Pace – Being a medical imaging technician is not a desk job. You’ll be on your feet and on the move throughout the course of the day. You’re going to be tackling a variety of duties and are seldom in the same place, or dealing with the same task for long periods of time. It’s a job fit for a high-energy person who enjoys a fast paced work environment.

Continue to Learn – As with any technology, it’s constantly changing. If you understand this and become passionate about educating and familiarizing yourself with the latest trends, tools and changes in the imaging field, you’ll be able to better serve your employer, your patients and yourself. Online publications like are a great way to keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of medical imaging.

It’s not just about the classroom work, passing the test and getting the job. It’s about being the best you can be. Think about the traits discussed in this piece. Does it sound like you?

What do you think makes a great ultrasound tech? We’d love to hear from you. Click here to send us a question or comment.

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