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Ultrasonic Physics Review has SPI Exam Test Taking Tips	At Ultrasonic Education our goal is to help you prepare with these SPI Exam test taking tips. We believe that our test preparation program is the best way for you to prepare for a tough test that’s going to open the door to the next phase of your life. We’ve taken the knowledge of experts in the field and combined it with entertainment, to help you retain all the information that you might need to know to correctly answer the questions on your certification exam.

However, all we can do is prepare you. We can’t take the test for you. Over the course of the 110 questions on the test, chances are you’re going to come across something that you’re not 100 percent sure of. So, in addition to using our top-notch preparation program, it’s also a good idea to take some SPI Exam test taking tips in with you.

With 90 percent of the questions on the SPI exam being multiple-choice, we thought it might be a good idea to equip you with more than just the knowledge gained through your education. Here are test-taking tips to help you when you’re on your own taking the SPI Exam.

*Eliminate Obviously Wrong Answers: Look at all the answer options. If any are obviously incorrect, eliminate them immediately so you can focus on only relevant choices.

*Skip Tough Questions and Big Guesses: When you come across a question that you think will require a lot of thought and attention, or you aren’t sure of any of the answers and you feel you’ll have to guess…just mark it, skip it, and return to it later. Hard questions can create doubt and affect your train of thought, causing you to feel unsure about easier questions. Don’t let this happen. Move on feeling confident and circle back around to tougher questions at the end.

*Save time to get back to harder questions & one’s you may have skipped: As the SPI exam is a timed test, you don’t have a second to waste. 110 questions in 120 minutes…that means you have 1 minute & 5.4 seconds per question. Tougher questions may require more time and thought. Easier questions, or questions to which you know the answer will require less. A good time saving method is answer questions that are easy for you first and quickly. Get them out of the way, so that you can manage your time, while focusing on tougher questions that require more thought and therefore, more time.

There are hundreds of test taking methods. These are just a few relevant to the SPI exam test taking tips and are good for multiple-choice exams in general.

Ultrasonic Education wants to see you succeed. Our program, and some sound test taking strategies will help you ace your SPI exam!

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