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Dear Debbie,

A lot of my classmates are talking about going to a review course before taking the SPI and specialty ARDMS exams. It seems like a lot of money, when you factor in the travel and lodging expenses, plus the cost of the review. Why should I spend all that money and time when I can just study from my textbooks, and maybe buy some mock examination questions?

– Cheapskate in California

Dear Cheapskate,

I know that traveling to a distant location to take a review examination is expensive, however, a comprehensive review is the best way to prepare for the physics and specialty ARDMS exams.  Why not look online, to find a review that will allow you to review for your Registry exams on your own computer from home? Testing yourself, using mock examination questions and answers, is valuable after you have reviewed and studied the material to make sure that you completely understand it. I don’t think that just answering mock examination questions will be helpful if you don’t have a thorough mastery of the principles and concepts.
Debbie talks about how to study for the ARDMS exams

Dear Debbie,

I’m ready to start studying for my SPI exam.  How much time do I need to study for that exam?  I mean, how far in advance do I need to start reviewing?  I really want to pass it the first time, because I don’t want to take it again.

– Jennifer in New York


Dear Jennifer,The amount of time that you need to review for the SPI exam is very specific to the individual. Sonography Physics and Principles is a difficult subject for many people.  In deciding how long you need to study, think back about how well you comprehended the subject matter while you were initially studying sonography physics. If you did well in your physics course, you may not need as much time as someone who found it very difficult.  Generally speaking, I would recommend that you start reviewing about six weeks before sitting for the exam.  It might be “overkill” for some people, but it should be sufficient for the majority of students. Physics is not a subject that is well learned through “cramming”. You’ll be better able to retain the material if you set a regular study schedule for yourself and review the materials over a six-week period.  Best of luck to you.

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